- over 17,000 games played in Canada and by strong Canadian players outside of Canada

- Includes 1,386 games by Kevin Spraggett

- The games from the last Canadian Junior have been added too

This database has been the result of my research on the Internet. Major credit goes to Hugh Brodie and the BCCF website. Some games have been taken from TWIC.

The collection is up to the year 2001! Click here to Download the file The size of the file is 1.9 MB. It is in *.cbv format, zipped. Please let me know if you would prefer some other format for the files that I put on my site. NOTE: The download was not working, I now fixed it, so hopefully it should not cause problems anymore.

Coming soon:

All the games in the last 3 years - selection from TWIC and other sources

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